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The Journey Toward Self-Realization

"Be in sync with the drums of your heart." 

For me this quote embodies my approach to yoga; exploring and listening to the subtle conversations of the body, synchronizing action with intention, and finding playful expression of our miraculous existence.

Yoga is not all about touching your toes or practicing a perfectly straight handstand.  It is not one-size-fits-all  as we are all unique individuals with differing structures, lifestyles, limitations, and natural gifts.  Yoga is a journey of self-realization on levels that transcend the physical body.  We can use the body to leverage the breath, the breath to leverage the mind, and the mind to access higher levels of our innate potential.

My goal in teaching yoga is to provide support for students to make discoveries about their own bodies and their behavioral and lifestyle patterns that shape their human experience.  Oftentimes this involves providing support and guidance to challenge students both physically and mentally, to tap into our inner strength or to tap into the ability to release and surrender as the situation sees fit.  To advance deeper into a posture does not necessarily mean generating more of a physical stretch.  It can mean building an energetic awareness, cultivating a sense of focus and presence, finding your 'asana' within the asana.  The word asana means seat.  Not only do we practice to find comfort and ease to sit and meditate, we strive to take our 'seat' in every posture to allow for prana to flow freely with less effort.

I have had the privilege of leading many yoga teacher trainings and working with people from all different backgrounds to develop a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of each yogi.  Having a deep fascination with anatomy I like to work logically with the body to create both strength and flexibility, stability and mobility in a functional way that has direct applications off the yoga mat.  There are many asanas or adaptations of asanas that are more suited for your unique body than trying to emulate the aesthetic quality of a 'traditional' asana.  In a culture that is moving ever more towards aesthetics and flexibility it is important to think about the other aspects of yoga beyond asana and about cultivating a practice that works for your long-term growth.

If you are interested in developing a personal practice I am available to create a holistic practice that is tailored towards your specific needs and goals.  Please don't hesitate to reach out!


I have completed over 750hrs of yoga training (Sampoorna Yoga, Yoga Synergy, The Bodywise Foundation) and am deeply grateful to my teachers, especially the loving and knowledgeable Simon Borg-Olivier.  I draw upon many different disciplines in my teachings including: vinyasa, yoga synergy, trauma-informed restorative yoga, acro yoga, qi gong, and yin yoga. Each person that I have the privilege to work with serves as a teacher as well, demonstrating the uniqueness of the human body and the potential for the human condition to transform in beautiful ways!  It has been my honor to lead students from around the world on their teaching journey while serving as the asana and anatomy teacher for yoga teacher trainings at different schools, including Ashiyana Yoga, Sarvaguna Yoga, and Smriti Yoga.


I am also excited to announce that this year I will be publishing a book titled Know Thyself: Practical Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga and Everyday Life.  The book's aim is to make yoga anatomy and physiology simple, accessible, and easily integrated into your personal practice and everyday life.  Stay tuned for more information!  


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