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Song of the Soul:
A Mountain Restoration





Song of the Soul

Weekend Wellness Retreat @The Land Celebration / Gore, VA

Oct. 15th -17th, 2021

"In the depth of my soul
There is a wordless song -

A song that lives in the seed of my heart...
It is a song composed by contemplation,
And published by silence,
And shunned by clamor,
And folded by truth
And repeated by dreams,
And understood by love,
And hidden by awakening,
And sung by the soul... It is the song of love."

      - Kahlil Gibran

Join Kim and Chris for a nourishing wellness weekend filled with music, magic, and meaningful moments in the serenity of the mountains.  We will open sacred space to explore and realize the delicate movements of our soul's song through the life force of our very breath, full of presence in the One-Heart and in harmony with the silent vibrations of our thoughts. 

The Land Celebration will serve as our oasis for the weekend with its sacred grottoes, forest paths, and intentional design for tranquility and restoration.  As we transition from summer to fall, nature asks us to turn inwards and shed that which no longer serves, like the trees dropping their leaves, creating more fertile ground through surrender. 


Let's connect with the transformative, orchestral power of the elements: the purifying fire and womb-like darkness of the sweat lodge, the earthy grounding textures of the mountain vein, the vital waters flowing through blood and forest, and the winds of change embedded in the breathing nature of spirit's voice speaking through us.  Lean in deeply to the Song of the Soul, where our reverent listening is a pure offering back to the Earth.     






Conscious Exploration

Pricing & Availability
All inclusive
(prices per person)


cabin 1.jpg


2-4 Persons / 1 Available

Queen bed, full sofa bed & kitchen






Dorm bed w/ shared bathroom





1-2 Persons / 3 Available

Full size bed





Bring your own tent



What's Included

* Healthy homecooked meals - (Vegan/Allergen-friendly)

* Daily workshops
* Cacao ceremony
* Sweat lodge ceremony - (guided by Elder Suwaylu Adams)
*Earth offering ceremony
* Access to hot tub / swimming pond

Terms & Conditions

$100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your spot.  In the event the retreat is modified due to Co-vid 19, deposits will be refunded or applied to a new offering. 

Your Guides


Kimberly Moon

Kim Moon is a vocalist, reiki master, yoga/meditation teacher, and shamanic sound celebrant who enjoys inspiring community through uniquely created "Sound xPeeriences".  Her intuitive approach to wellness stems from a lifelong mission to nourish harmony of mind and nature, one frequency and being at a time. 


Her array of offerings poetically web science, art, and spirituality into a tapestry of mindfulness explorations, encouraging individuals to become their own primary care practitioners and instruments of peace.

Madwa Headshot.jpg

Chris Sakowski

Chris has been leading yoga and bodywork trainings internationally since 2012, merging the wisdom of ancient healing practices with the intelligent design of the body for movement and play.  His goal is to empower you to take ownership of your health through the lens of yoga, movement, and therapeutics. 


Chris's personal mantra is to "Be in sync with the drums of your heart", finding authentic expression through music, connection, and celebration.

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