Structural Integration

"The bones tell the story,
the tissues give the strategy."

Your posture holds a story of how you move through space, navigate gravity, and adapt to life's demands.  Structural Integration works with how these influences create your shape, communicating with the fascial network to release the tissues that hold you in postural patterns and to create support for new possibilities of ease. 


I am currently offering a 3-series of sessions, aimed to provide a more solid foundation, greater ease of motion, and free up tension and energy so your body can settle into a new way of being.  Sessions are practiced on a table and include benchwork, helping to reorganize your fascia and the forces that pull your bones out of alignment.  
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Intentions of the 3-Series

Session 1: Balance the Foundation
Session 2: Free the Breath
Session 3: Connect the Spine

I am offering these sessions on a sliding scale basis of $60-$120 for each 1.5hr session.  In return, I am asking that you please commit to all three sessions.  Thank you.

What Can I Expect?

  • To work together.  Structural Realignment is a collaborative process that calls for active participation, movement, and dialogue.  

  • To illuminate possible causes of tension and difficulties that may typically be overlooked.  Observing how each individual structure relates to one another paints a greater picture of your restrictions and compensations, your pillars of strength, and your wholeness.

  • To listen deeply.  Touching into the different layers of the body brings us into greater contact with ourselves.  This work treats the individual as a whole, including the emotions and habits that shape us.  

    For more info about fascia's role in healthy movement watch this video.




About Me:

I am currently a student of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration.  I have experienced firsthand how this structural bodywork has created more support in my body, relieved longheld patterns of tension (my hips aren't rotated after 13 years of discomfort!), and given me greater insight and agency of my body.  It is an honor to work with my clients' unique histories, structures, and goals in the collaboration toward taking ownership of their health.
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