It is my goal to offer services at a price that is affordable and sustains me in my work.  If you find a price prohibitive please don't hesitate to contact me to work out a solution.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Sessions can range be from 1hr for therapy focused on a specific issue to 2hrs+ for a full body release and re-balancing.

1hr:    $85
1.5hr: $105
2hrs:  $120




Reiki works with your body's energetic system to facilitate deep healing on a cellular level.  (Can also be added onto other treatments for an additional charge.)

1hr: $75

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Breathwork Sessions

The breath is the one of the most fundamental aspects of health and a major contributor to dysfunctional patterns.  Harness the power of your breath to repattern your body and mind to harbor health and peace.

1hr: $75

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Chi Nei Tsang


Sessions last between 1-1.5hrs depending on your body's needs.  Please refrain from eating within 2hrs before a treatment.


1 session: $95

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Private Yoga Session

Let's develop a yoga practice that is custom tailored to your unique body and desires.  Also available for small groups.

1hr15mins: $85

Gift Certificates Available - 
Upon Request