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The Natural Vibration of OM

Om is considered one of the most powerful sounds in the universe.  Many yoga classes start and end with this sound.  Yet many people avoid joining in this collective vibration because they believe it has a religious connotation, that by vocalizing this sound they are engaging in a religious act.  That’s not the case, although the word Om shares many qualities with other ‘holy’ words.  If we break down Om into three syllables we find that it is a microcosm for the structure of the universe in general.

Let’s break Om down into the sounds A-U-M.  Here we see the cosmic rule of three basic forces come into play.  Most religions have holy trinities, yet we find that this rule of three exists everywhere in nature as well.  On a subatomic level everything breaks down into the proton, neutron, and electron.  There are forces of creation, sustaining, and dissolving encoded in the cosmic blueprint and the blueprint of the word Om itself.

The first sound ‘aaah’ is the creative force.  Close your eyes and make this sound, focusing on where in your body you feel the vibration (not focusing on the vibrations occurring at your vocal chords to make the sound.)  This sound of creation resonates in the abdomen.

The second sound ‘oooh’ is the sustaining or preserving force.  When you make this sound you will notice it resonates around your heart space.  We typically sustain this sound longer than the others, maintaining the vibrations of our heart.

The third sound ‘mmm’ is the force of dissolution and liberation.  This sound naturally resonates in the head as the vibration naturally fades away.

Every time that we chant the word Om we literally move vibrations up our spines; from our bellies, to our hearts, to our heads.  Everything in life follows the pattern of creation, sustenance, and dissolution.  Birth, life, and death.  This natural vibration is no different and we find this pattern in many different philosophies and religions.  Take the words ‘Amen’, ‘Amin’, or ‘Shalom’ for example.  All three have three separate sounds, created in the belly, sustained in the heart, and dissolving in the head.  The words may be different, but they all naturally resonate in the same way.  Cultures and individuals may be different, but the truths that inherently resonate within all of us (love, peace, and joy) are the same!

When we chant the word Om together we become co-creators.  We resonate together at a frequency of 432hz, in tune with the vibrational frequency of nature. (Mainstream music is played at a frequency of 440hz.  There are many interesting articles online about the power of playing in 432hz, something Bob Marley was a big proponent of.)  It is a sound that binds us, especially when we join our voices together to create a common harmony.  The next time you find yourself invited to join in creating the sound of Om, don’t think of it as a religious act.  Think of it as a natural act.  An act of connection.  Join in the harmony of the universe!

In the silence that follows you might connect with the divine within and around you.

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