MADWA is an acronym for Mindful About Doing Well Always.  It is inspired by the sanskrit name Madhava, which means ‘sustainer of the universe’.  We are all sustainers of the universe within ourselves.  We are also all sustainers of the universe as a whole through our collective consciousness.

It is the intention of this blog to provide information about human anatomy and physiology that can be applied to our yogic practices.  While teaching asana and anatomy during yoga teacher trainings at Smriti Yoga, I decided to create a blog collecting the information I find most useful for my personal practice.  By understanding the inner workings of our bodies, we can develop our personal awareness within our bodies.  To me, the physical aspect of yoga is about developing this self-awareness.

As we understand the design of our bodies, techniques for moving deeper in our yoga practice make more sense.

I hope that this information will allow you to become more mindful of your unique experience within your unique body.

Much love,


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